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Ursa Couldn’t Wait until April

SO. Ursa has been popping up. In my texts, emails, Twitter and Facebook feeds, and just this week, in stores. Like a kid who couldn’t wait for the big release day, she took a short-cut and somehow wiggled her way into the world a little ahead of schedule.

After seeing a picture of her cover – face out on shelves in a Barnes & Noble in California – my heart raced a little, walking into my local Michigan B&N.  Would Ursa peek out at me, here, too?

Sure enough, in Barnes & Noble yesterday, as the escalator rose and took me up to the second floor, I immediately saw her little face along the top shelf.


It was a little surreal.  And wonderful.  I can tell you this feeling will never get old.  Ever.

As for Ursa, even though she’s sneaked out into the world a little early, my publisher, Peter Pauper Press and I will still be celebrating her launch in mid April.  After all, April is the best time of year for viewing Ursa Major and Ursa Minor.  There is also the forecast of a meteor shower to view – – – a lovely tie-in and show of celestial fireworks to cheer Ursa on (more details on this to come!).

So there are more things to share on Ursa’s Light, her making and her journey, but for today, on a lovely sunny, snowy Friday in early March, I’m just going to leave it here. Basking in the simple moment of finding my work, my idea, my story, a piece of myself, looking out at the world from a shelf.



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