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on paper : stuff to put in people’s hands

Namely business cards and post-cards…..  Today my new postcards landed on my doorstep….. and I LOVE them.  The postcards are 5×7 and die cut to have slightly curved edges, which adds a little whimsy to the project and to my brand as an illustrator trying to market herself in as many ways as possible.  I’m excited to use these postcards to display along with my artwork at the upcoming “Illustrator’s Showcase” at the Wild Wild West SCBWI Conference in Fort Wayne.  I loved designing the back of the card, just as much as deciding which illustration to showcase on the front.  I used my own handwriting font once more  (I am addicted) — and hand drawn lines for the back.  The zoomed in photo below of the rocket night-light shows the beautiful printing job WHCC did for their press printed flat cards on Art Recycled paper.  The business cards should come from MOO in a few days… but in the meantime, I wanted to post a few of the designs I chose and the text/design for the back.  I have loved thinking about, designing, and assembling these small things to put into people’s hands.


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