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drawing a puppy : stylizing and reducing forms

I had a great drawing professor at the SAIC who put us through exercise upon exercise  of taking forms and reducing them (taking away as much detail as possible) by using line, form, color and shape.  I thought of her today and her long white hair curled up into a bun… and I thought of that huge studio classroom on the corner of Wabash, a few floors above the El where we would meet from 9am-4pm once a week.  So much of how I find my voice in my line work is through reducing forms — by taking away some or most of the “realistic” details I discover my style through interpretation (asking myself as I draw: what do I hold onto, what do I let go of?).  Here I took Bear as my subject.  He loves to nest in the gold chairs I have in my studio.  Yesterday he was so tired from so much play this weekend, that he stayed in the same spot for at least an hour, maybe more.   Here are a series of sketches I made, followed by a few photographs (to emphasize and compare/contrast my process of reduction).  Sometimes, when I reduce, I try to discover essence.



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