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Yellows Everywhere

This post is in tribute to autumn — Ann Arbor is cast in yellows right now.  Every street is smudged with this warm color.  I think most of the reds and salmons and oranges have already fallen…..Even as it turns November the yellow leaves are still bright, and holding on….. but I also noticed today, […]

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zoo sketching

I have never sketched at a zoo before….  Thank you Angie for inviting me out to draw!  Below are a selection of sketches plus rendered notes on some of the animals.  These notes are not very scientific, rather, they are mostly random things that stood out to me.  Even though I brought watercolors with me, […]

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Hand Drawn Font-Making App

Earlier in the spring, I was craving and searching for ways that I could make my own fonts, quickly, easily, accurately, and cheaply.  I had used a free site to print off a sheet with tiny fill in the box squares.  But last week, I discovered iFontMaker on the iPad.  I can play with making […]

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drawing a puppy : stylizing and reducing forms

I had a great drawing professor at the SAIC who put us through exercise upon exercise  of taking forms and reducing them (taking away as much detail as possible) by using line, form, color and shape.  I thought of her today and her long white hair curled up into a bun… and I thought of […]

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“Follow your bliss” and other words to live by from the SCBWI Wild Wild Mid-West Conference 2013

“Work hard – Luck comes to those who show up.” Jane Yolen “Success isn’t a result of spontaneous combustion. You must set yourself on fire.” – Arnold H. Glasow (shared by Jane Yolen) “Before you can be anything, you have to be yourself.” Lin Oliver “Follow your Weirdness.” Bruce Coville (shared by Lin Oliver) “Finish. […]

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