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Spring Forward

Every time I take my pup out, I have a mental checklist of things I need to remember.  While working on some sketches today, I started itemizing all the things I make sure I have before leaving the house with Bear and it turned into the drawing below.  It makes for quite a hilarious scene, especially as little puppy is waiting anxiously to go outside to take care of business.  I can’t wait for warmer mornings…..  at the very least, getting out the door will be twice as fast.   The sun has been peeking out the last few afternoons and temps are creeping into the forties during the day.  I do love winter, but I’m excited for the warmth and changing season ahead.

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out of focus….

I have been wondering how or if I could be successful merging the mediums of drawing and photography in my illustrations.  The ice/slush/snow storm that hit Michigan this past week, inspired me to take photographs.  But instead of capturing the views of snow covered branches & street views in literal fashion, I decided to put the world out of focus.  I used my 50 mm lens, set it at 3200 ISO, 1/125th of a second and f/1.4 – manual focus.   As dusk landed, the world shifted through stages of the most magnificent blues.  From the window of my studio, I took a handful of images, constantly changing the point of focus by hand, and within about 15-20 minutes the world changed from cornflower blue to purple-black.  So as you can see below, I drew the shape of my window, and then – in four different ‘case studies’ – I placed slices of my photography behind it.  I think here, in this initial attempt, I am happy and intrigued by the ways the hand-drawn windows interact with the photographic light and color.    I will be pushing myself to think more about this and how I could potentially use this strategy to illustrate the worlds I construct to tell stories.

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Nathaniel and his yellow butterflies….

I love the role that yellow butterflies play in Nathaniel’s story, Bear-O-Dynamic.  In the sketch below, Nathaniel is reading a book about Bugs which classifies insects a little bit differently.  We get to peek onto the page he is looking at: “Literary Insects”.  I think the seed for the idea of Nathaniels’ butterflies was planted over ten years ago when I read, One Hundred Years of Solitude.  The magical realism in Marquez’s yellow butterflies was such a lovely, quiet twist.  In his book, I discovered a realm that gave me the power as a writer and thinker to bend the rules.  I think he taught me that if I can bend the rules softly and just far enough, the reader’s imagination cannot help but follow me, and even more importantly, believe me.

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